Well, it’s happened. I posted the other day and mentioned the Macarena. It was as if I called down the evil spirits from their resting place alongside Rico Suave.

Tonight I was watching tv and a diaper commercial came on. The babies were “singing” to the tune of the Macarena and they were dancing around in just their diapers. (Incedentally, some of them were better dancers than I am.) I couldn’t understand all of the words of the commercial because the voices were done by adults doing baby talk and because I was laughing my head off. But, I did understand the part that they said: “Hey! Shake your booty! You’ve got on Molfix diapers!”

Then, just like they do for the regular music videos, they’d zoom in on their butts as they shook them. It was so sad on so many levels.

And it’s got the Macarena song stuck in my head and I can’t get it out. That’s the worst torture of all.