There’s been a blog drought on the mabblab, brought on by a visit to the Big City nearby. We showed Cliff & Teresa around all the sights, dropped them off at the airport after teary goodbyes, and then I went to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. But, I like my family’s rule about the doctor: If you go and you’re a good girl, you get ice cream.

I have nothing much to say tonight because it’s late & I’m tired. I only wanted everyone to know that I’m home and back at the computer. I have 101 unread e-mails in my inbox. Many of them have been piling up for weeks & I’ve thought I’d answer them when I have more time. But, the way this is going, I’ll never have time. 3 years from now one of you will receive a reply to your e-mail. By that time you’ll have forgotten why you e-mailed in the first place.

So, tomorrow’s tasks: 1) Answer some e-mails, 2) Write a better post than this, & 3) Go to pottery class.

On an unrelated, but much happier note: Happy birthday, Emma! You are 1 year old today, big girl! I wish I could be there to make you a big cake and let you squish your fingers in it. But, I know you’ve already had one good cake and I trust the other ablas and teyzes in the Big City to take care of your birthday dietary needs. To make up for missing your birthday we’ll have a major finger-painting, clay-creation, arts & crafts extravaganza as soon as you’re old enough not to eat too much of the glue. Love you, sweetie!

Now, the rest of you can go on with your lives. I know you’ve been waiting, scarcely daring to breathe, in anticipation of my blogging return. Someone start my theme music…. I’m back.