1) Realizing that the only milk left in the house is the boxed stuff that hasn’t been put in the fridge and is warm

2) Waiting for a minibus forever before one finally comes but then goes past me because it’s off-duty or too full

3) Mosquitoes buzzing in my ears while I’m trying to sleep

4) Being by someone with a new cell phone who listening to all of the ring tone options

5) The moment and the corresponding look that comes when the people in line behind me/people on the bus/salesperson/waiter/other local realizes that I’m a foreigner and begins peppering me with questions

6) Or when those people don’t ask me questions, but just start talking about me as if I’m not there and don’t understand their language

7) Having to do laundry when it’s raining or cold outside and the clothes have to be hung on a drying rack in the house which gets in the way (if the racks are kept in the hallway, I’ll go positively loopy!)

8) Going to a movie that suddenly ends without a real ending, therefore making me realize that it’s part 1 of 2 and I won’t be finding denouement, resolution, or any type of conclusion until the next movie comes out in like 2 years

Yeah, that’s my real beef today. Pirates of the Carribbean finally made it over here, so we all got together to go. (If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry. I won’t give anything away. You can keep reading and I won’t spoil it for you.) We all liked movie 1 and thought this one would be entertaining. Everything was going along nicely until they got to the artificial break they put in every movie here. They’ve gotta have a smoke/tea break, so they just cut the movie off in the middle. In this case, they cut the movie off in the middle of a fight scene. That’s right. It was clank! Crash! Smack! Bodies flying! Swordplay! Suddenly they’re all slowing d o w n   t o   a   c r  a  w  l  . . . and the movie stops.

My hub and I started talking about how the movie was going so far and we both remarked that it didn’t feel like the middle even though it had been going on for some time. Sure enough, by the time that they went to the place to talk to the people with the thing, we realized that either the movie was going to go on for yet another hour, it was going to end quickly and poorly, or it wasn’t going to end. Yup. Then the guy from the place with the thing came out and said the deal and the music began and the credits rolled and I was really, really, really annoyed.

I remember seeing Lord of the Rings for the first time in the theatre. Someone was there who didn’t know that it was a trilogy. She thought that there was just one movie and that would be it. So, when Frodo and Sam headed off into Mordor and things were left so uncertain with the others and the credits rolled, she hollered out: “What? That’s it?” That’s exactly how I felt last night. No one warned me that I’d have to wait for the ending. That news didn’t make it over here. So, we left the theatre without resolution and I’m annoyed.

It’s like the time I read a 350 page book. It was all going well, but I could tell that there were a lot of loose ends left in the story and only about 15 pages to go. I wondered how she was going to sufficiently wrap up the story. I turned the last page, still with many questions, and saw that the story ended. The next page simply said: “Editor’s note: And then the author died, her life’s work incomplete.” WHAT THE HECK?!?! I had just spent weeks of my life investing in the story only to have it left undone. At least the movie last night didn’t last for weeks.

So, to all of you who haven’t seen Pirates yet (but who are planning to, either in the theatres or by renting it), be warned: It’s an ok flick, but there is no ending. You’ll have to wait for that.

And one more thing that bugged me: What was up with the thing and the guy and that stuff and the hat? Gross.

(See, I told everyone I wouldn’t spoil the story.)