Today we went to one of my favorite places in the world. It’s an island that’s been inhabited for a stinkin’ long time. There’s a huge castle dating back from the 1300s that you can explore, a quaint village with some good food, and some great beaches. The sand is white, the water is as clear as glass, and the snorkeling is good.

We went with Justin, Kaela, Anna, & Nate and had a great time. (Although, I think Nate had the most fun. I deduce this from the fact that he was the dirtiest one of us all at the end of the trip. He had sand all in his hair, sticking to his scalp, up his nose, in his mouth, in his ears, in his pits, in his diaper, and coating his feet. Because of this, I will refer to Nathan for the rest of the post as “Mr. Sandman.”) We snorkeled in the freezing cold water, took some naps on the beach, ate snacks, and hung out. The interesting thing: About a year ago we went to this same beach with Justin, Kaela, Mr. Sandman, and Justin’s family. At the time, the Sandman was teeny — only 6 weeks old — and he was Mr. Napman then. That’s pretty much what he did. It is amazing to think how much he’s grown and changed and also what he’ll be like a year from now.

Snorkeling was amazing. I’m not really much of a swimmer and usually hate swimming in lakes or oceans. But, now that I’ve been introduced to snorkeling, that’s changed. See, I don’t like swimming because all you do is splash around in the water or swim in a straight line. Boring. But, snorkeling? That’s different. You are constantly looking at the amazing things under the water. And, with the amazing power of flippers, I can swim much further out than I would on my own. Then I can look at these amazing things, but not have to worry about stepping on them!

Last year, we saw an octopus. This year nothing of that drama was seen, but there were several times we came upon schools of fish that glinted silver in the watery sunlight. It was amazing to see how they moved and dove almost with one mind. One school of fish was like a wall in front of us — it stretched at least 15 feet long and was about 3 feet tall. That school was lots of small fish. Another school of 20 gigantic striped fish let us watch them as they grazed along the sea bottom. At several points I’d be swimming and focusing on the bottom of the ocean. Then, I’d notice much closer to me, a couple dozen teeny fish swimming along. It was really amazing. I just wish the water had been warmer. It was hard to stay in more than 30 minutes. I would be skimming the surface, but would sometimes lift my arms out of the water just to warm them up!!!

Here’s some photos from our trip today:


Here’s me and the hub by the water. . . yes, we’re a little pink, but not too bad.


Here’s the crew eating yogurt-covered ravioli afterwards. YUM! (Ok, Justin & Anna didn’t eat that. They don’t like it. But, the rest of us did.)


Here’s Mr. Sandman enjoying his day.


This is Mr. Sandman’s hair. His mom had already rinsed him off at least 3 times. He got this filthy in a matter of minutes. And he loved it.


Of course I had to include just one more of Mr. Sandman. Here he is during his “Mud Period.” His favorite was throwing it in the air. The trouble is: his aim has not yet developed. He hit himself on the head most of the time.

We hope you can come visit us some day and we’ll take you to our favorite beach!!!