Many of you remember that a few weeks ago Clifford P put an embarassing picture of my husband on his website. I sent out the call for vengeful photos and information and bided my time for the perfect response. I take my husband’s honor very seriously.

But apparently, he does not.

This weekend, some crazy pictures of my best bud Britty (and some of our other buds who work with her) showed up on Cliff’s blog. He said they were from an anonymous source. All I could think of was “Oooh! She’s gonna get whoever did that!” Then, last night, I checked my e-mail and noticed she had also sent me those pictures. But, I never put 2 & 2 together.

At breakfast this morning, all was revealed in this terrible interchange, forever seared into my memory as an example of folly and treachery….

My Hubby: I got Britty back!

mab: What?

hub: Did you see Cliff’s blog?

mab: YOU did that?

hub: (Laughing hysterically) Yeah! She sent those to you! And I forwarded them to him to put on his blog! Isn’t that funny?

mab: Why on earth did you do that?
hub: Because we were going to get her back.

mab: No, you DOLT! She was helping us get Cliffy back! She’s on our side! Cliff is the one who posted the picture of you in a swimsuit and dress socks and shoes while dancing and singing “I like to Move it Move it!” Britty is not the enemy here!

hub: (Laughing even harder) Really? I forgot.

mab: (getting up from the breakfast table) I gotta go do some damage control.

So here I am, letting everyone know. I’d put it on Cliff’s comments, but for some reason, his blog won’t allow me to comment. It tells me that I’m spam. I may be a lot of things, but spam is one thing I’m not. To Cliff’s credit, he is helping me discover what crazy setting is keeping me from accessing his blog. So, he’s not trying to keep me out (or so he would have me believe).

My hub, who has just requested to speak to his lawyer, did the dishes and tried to sweet-talk me into staying on his side. However, his lack of remorse, continued hilarity, and comments such as “Don’t make me go nuclear on y’all” have made me re-affirm my position. We have been married 6 years and he knows a lot about me and loves me anyway. But, Brit and I met in the blocks in 2 year-old Sunday School. There’s geological layers of dirt and memories and VBS craft projects and camp skits and middle school angst and stupid boys and pinewood derby cars and bridesmaid dresses built up as the foundation of this friendship. Plus, my hub forgot rule number 1 of vengeance: Don’t forget who you’re venging. For these reasons, I’m firmly planted against him on this one.

So, be watching all of these blogs in the next few days. I think that it might get interesting.