It’s been one of those nights.

It all started with an innocent card game that my bud Brit gave me. “Is this really happening” Anna just said. The answer: You bet. Tonight, we have played Wig Out, a card game with pictures of people with bad hair cuts. We were so inspired by this game that we formed a story with the people and acted out a wedding with the cards. The main instigator of all of this….. was Chad. He was the main actor and voice coach for this scenario. Chad, I think you have a real future in wedding planning.

After discussing the drunk cousin who just showed up for the reception cheese cubes and the smoker aunt who had a crush on the balding uncle (from the other side of the family), and the awkward groom who broke out in a rash mid-ceremony, we acted out this entire wedding…. and entertained all those in the lobby around us.

Next we moved on to discussing our alter-egos: Who would you be if you could be anyone in time? It can be a real, actual person, or someone made up. Here’s the results of this survey:

mab: I would be a 50’s diner waitress. I would wear pink or mint green uniforms and my hubby Jimmy Ray would be the short-order cook in the back.

Teresa: She would be a southern belle who spent the day drinking sweet tea, lemonade, and mint juleps on the porch while thinking about that night’s ball.

Amanda: She would be the really tall Chinese basketball player so she could look over everyone.

Chad: Torn between multiple egos, Chad chose either Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman’s husband (Sully) or his 85 year-old friend Jack who always wears suits (even when hiking) and can say anything he wants. Or he’d be a soda-shoppe guy who had his own spoon in his pocket so he could taste any of the ice cream at any time.

Anna: Her answer was immediate, showing that she’d been thinking this over for some time.  She would be Willie Nelson’s third wife. According to her: “By that time, he’s had some relationships and realized that it’s not about love, it’s more about companionship. But, he’d still have some vigor.”

From there, we went on to Mama jokes (best one: “I saw your mama kicking a can down the street. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was moving.”)

It’s the middle of the week at our conference. I think we’ve all been out in the sun too long. I only wish my memory was better so I could tell you more things that were said and done this evening.

I must go play another round of Dutch Blitz now. I am determined to win this one, even though MKB is a hoss with lightening-fast reflexes.