This week has been nutty, so I haven't posted much. And, I don't really have anything funny or interesting to tell.

We did find a really nice place to eat dinner last night. We thought it would be a decent restaurant, but it turned out to be really swanky. I wish we had known in advance since I showed up in jeans that had paint spilled on them from my pottery class that day! Anyway, you could sit inside, in an enclosed deck area, on a covered deck, or on the beach. If that wasn't good enough for you, they had a deck that went out into the water with several tables on it.

The menus came and we noticed one thing: no prices listed. In other words: If you have to ask the price, you can't eat here. Well, we decided just to stick around anyway. We don't usually go to places like that and it would be fun for once. J ordered what he thought was a few small plates of appetizers for us to share (that's normal here). But, instead, we EACH got a huge plate with appetizers on it. There was something similar to pico de gaillo, a hunk of melon, a big piece of cheese (that's like feta), shrimp (which are really expensive here), fish, potato salad, yogurt mixed with some peppers, marinated tiny mushrooms, mashed eggplant, and some form of seafood that I've never eaten before. This plate was a meal in itself. And, it was dang good. And I found out that the UFO (Unidentified Fishy Object) was octopus. And I actually liked it.

Then my hubby had a steak and I had a huge fish.

(Side note on the fish: It was called "Sesame Fish." I thought it would be similar to the Sesame Chicken that I like so much in Chinese restaurants. You know, just a few sesame seeds to give it some flavor. But not this fish. I think it had a sesame-seed skin disorder. It was absolutely encrusted. And I really don't like sesame seeds that much, so I had to pick it off. I won't get that anymore.)

After that they gave us a huge plate of fruit as a treat and then some coffee. During the meal, we bet how much it would be. My hub's bet was about $60. I thought it would be about $70. We were both wrong. All of that was only $50! So, we'll be returning there. Next time i hope it's warm enough for us to sit on the pier.

Come see us and we'll take you to this place to eat!