This is what paranoid mab always thinks her neighbors are doing. The people in this building know we're foreigners and have gotten used to it. The others see us from their balconies, but I don't think they know we're not locals. (Well until now when we've started eating dinner and talking loudly out on our balcony.) Anyway, this made me giggle.

I believe it's very important to keep up with the daily news. That's why I read the Houston Chronicle every single day. Headlines? Sports? Business? No, who has time for that unimportant stuff? I read the comics. And, you can, too! Go to and you can build your own comics page. You pick the ones you like and then bookmark the page you created. Then, each day you can be informed about the important current events out there. You know, things like the latest happenings in Gasoline Alley, the recent crime-fighting escapades of Spider Man, or the societal commentaries from Funky Winkerbean.

I like to save the funniest comics — the ones that make me giggle out loud. Today has been a particularly funny day. I usually save about 5 a month. Today I've already saved 4. To end this informative, but basically meaningless post, I'll present to you the funniest comic of the day:


(P.S. The first comic I posted is Real Life Adventures. The last one is called Speed Bump. I highly recommend both of these.)