Cliff and Teresa arrived very late last night. We've had a really fun time so far today — lots of laughs for sure. Plus, they haven't tried to search for or eat my stash of American chocolate, so we're all doing just peachy. (Yeah, Cliff, I know you're reading this. Don't even try to look for it. It's in an easy place so I don't doubt you can find it. And I know how many Butterfingers are in there. And I will go nuclear if they're gone. For real. You've already seen that I'm not really stable.) Ok, now that we've taken care of that, let me tell you how I'm writing this post…..

Last night Cliff and Teresa said, "Come in here, we want to show you something."  We all went in the living room and he pulled out a laptop. I joked to Teresa "Oh, so we get the laptop. Hahaha!" Then, I waited for him to open it up and show us whatever he was going to show us. But, that's the thing. It was the laptop. Some of our amazing friends all went in together to get us an amazing new laptop. It's pretty and shiny and fast and I really like the way the keys click when I type them. It's about a third lighter than the antique we've been using, yet it has a much larger screen. It's got built-in wireless, DVD burner, and all kinds of other fun features. When we figured out that they were giving us the laptop, we were absolutely speechless. What amazing friends we have.  I still think about it and am really bowled over. 

So, I'll have no more excuses for bad e-mail communications, slow internet connections, and other computer-related technical stuff. I'll have to find new excuses. Or, maybe I'll be able to be more efficient in everything!  Cliff the Computer Expert has already been helping me become more computer-literate.

Here's where you guys come in…. because I'm a nerd, I've always named a variety of inanimate objects. My car, my houseplants, and my computers have usually had names. My iPod is named Rex and my Shuffle is named Bert (insert a shout-out to Britty P!) My first computer was named Eduardo because I liked that name a lot and thought it was random and funny. My computer at my first job was named Maurice because it was pretty old-school. For both of these computers, I took one look at them and just knew their names. I never named our current laptop because it was a gift from my in-laws to my hubby. So, I guess I never really felt like it was mine, too. Or, I just didn't have enough of a connection to it to want to name it. But, now I have this nice, pretty, beautiful, shiny, silver Sony Vaio. What can I name it? (No, Vaio is not good enough. There's too many Vaios in the world.)  Any ideas? And comments on how nutty I am that I name things? 

In other news, we're getting to go on a mini-cruise tomorrow. We'll take a boat through some beautiful islands and even get to go to another country. We'll swim and snorkel in the ocean and have a really great time. It starts at 7:30 a.m. and we get back sometime tomorrow evening. Since I am definitely NOT a morning person and it's late, I will now end this post and get ready for bed. I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow and try to actually put some on the blog.

To all of the dear people who contributed to tonight's super-fun new computer experience, I again thank you! And no, I'm not going to publish their names. Otherwise the rest of you would find them and try to buddy up to them in order to get a new computer. HAH!

We are so blessed by all of our amazing friends out there. Thanks for all the ways you overwhelmingly love and support us!