Well, as you can tell from my previous post, we're not the only people who go through culture shock over here. Everyone who meets us goes through a bit of a culture shock. So, I've decided to use this to my advantage and amusement. The next time I'm feeling bored or I miss the States, I'm going to react thusly: I'm going to do strange stuff and tell the people around me that it's a tradition in my native land. Then, I'm going to see how they react. Here's some things I've thought of so far….

* I'll show up at a neighbor's house with a 2 liter bottle of corn oil. I'll let them know that any type of oil is an appropriate hostess gift in our oil-focused society.

* I'll wear all of my clothes backwards and tell them it's a hot fashion in the States. (Come on, don't you remember Kris Kross?)

* I'll dress up in full cowboy regalia and hire a horse for the day. When people ask, I'll tell them I'm celebrating Texas Independence Day.

* When friends try to do the traditional cheek/cheek kiss greeting, I'll grab them and kiss them on the forehead instead.

* When people offer me cups of hot tea, I'll ask for it to come iced down and with a lemon twist.

*  I'll insist on standing while I eat dessert, claiming that it's a traditional method for keeping the calories from sticking to my butt.

* I'll finish every statement with "or so the Germans would have us believe!"

So, if any of you see me doing any of these things, you'll now know why.