Well, my blog has now had 1,000 hits!  It doesn't count my own personal visits to the blog, so I can assume one of 3 things:

1) I have a few of friends who really like me and hang upon my every word, restructuring their lives around my most recent post.

2) I have a several friends who check back often to see what's going on in my life and what inane thing I'll say next.

3) I have a many friends who read this blog because it's better than work or reading an inbox full of forwards.

Which is it? I'm going to be positive today and decide it's number 1. Yeah. Number 1!

Not much else going on here that is blog-worthy. We're getting ready for a summer of friends. On Thursday night a crew from Texas is coming through to help the guys host a business seminar. They leave on Sunday and our buddies John & Erika get in that night for a visit. Before they leave, Cliff & Teresa arrive for their 2 month stay. Then, a few weeks after that some of our other good friends are coming through to see us. So, it'll be a visitor-y summer. But, we're really glad about that. We like people. 

We've also told Cliff and Teresa that they won't be visitors. They'll be roommates. (That's the difference between people I cook and clean for and people I cook and clean WITH. They're in the "with" category whether they like it or not.) We really want this place to feel like home to them. That said, to increase harmony in any roommate relationship, you've gotta set down house rules. 

So, here's where you get to help us. What should the house rules be for us and Cliff & Teresa? I'll get you started with rule #1: If you happen to find my secret chocolate stash, do not eat it. To break this rule is to imperil your life. 

I can't really think of any other important rules, so if you guys (all 1,000 of you) can, please let us know. You'll be contributing to household harmony. If you can't think of any good rules, tell us about a horrid roommate situation you once had. No fair sharing any stories that involve me as your roomate! (That means you, L, L, and B!!!)