I am full of random observations today, dear readers. So, do not look for continuity in the following narrative. Just enjoy.

I left the house today at 1:30 to walk down to a the city park. At 2 o'clock they were having a hands-on demonstration of the raku ceramics firing technique. (Translation: Everyone gets to play with clay and stuff and then take whatever they made home with them.) As we walked down to the park, I got a message from my ceramics teacher letting me know that it was changed to 4. We finally arrived at 4:30. It hadn't started. We hung around until 5:30 when it began to rain. It hadn't started yet and didn't look like it would ever, so we left. I'm not sure when they'll ever get around to doing the event. Everything looks ready, but they were all sitting around, drinking tea and smoking. Priorities, I guess.

As we unfurled our umbrella to greet the raining sky, we noticed the brand name: Snot Line. Now that's just gross.

We got an invitation to a circumcision party today. It's a two-for-one deal: two brothers are celebrating their circumcisions at the same time. The inviation has two doves hugging on a cherry tree branch in bloom. If that's not strange enough, in the corner is a very familiar-looking building: A country church. But, they just used Photoshop to swipe out the steeple. Yeah, if I ever throw a circumcision party for my two sons to celebrate them entering manhood, I'll make sure to use images of two doves nestling in the blossoming cherry tree orchard next to a de-steepled church. Is there any symbolism in using a de-steepled church on a circumcision announcement?

Father: "I'm sorry to hear you got de-steepled today, son."

Boy: "Awww, shucks, Pops. With all the cherry trees in blossom and the turtledoves singing, I didn't notice anything. Can we eat ice cream and then go prancing through the flower fields?"

Father: "Boy! You're a man now. You've got to put that kid stuff behind you! No more ice cream cones. Come on, I'll get you a beer instead. Then we can go prancing wherever you'd like."

Son: "Gee, thanks, Pops!"

(Or something like that….)

I'll be sure to bring you a full report of the circumcision party when we go. To answer the one question many of you are already thinking of (don't deny it): No, they don't do the snippity-snip at the party. In fact, they did it last week. They are both convalescing nicely.

My hub is reading a local paper to work on his language. No joke, one of the articles today informs the public that due to the war and economic troubles Laura Bush won't sleep with W. anymore. Now, that's high-class, priorities-in-line, truth-in-journalism reporting for you.
The flower we call "snapdragons" are called "Fish mouths" here. I really like snapdragons.

(See, I warned you that this would be random. Now on to something truly important!)
6 years ago today I was the maid-of-honor at the wedding of two truly tremendous people: Brit & T-Dawg. Happy Anniversary, you guys! (Everyone be sure to call T "T-Dawg." Secretly, behind his smart-lawyer alter-ego, he really digs it.) For those of you who see these great people on a regular basis, be sure to wish them a happy anniversary!!!