Ok, so I’m breaking one of the rules of blogging: I’m posting again before anyone can read/respond to my previous post. I’m post-happy. This blog is becoming post-a-licious. (insert shout-out to BethGun here)

Today I toured my bro around the Big City. One problem: Apparently almost everything his Lonely Planet guidebook recommends for him to see is closed on Monday. Stink! My hubby didn’t join us because he was going to catch up with an old friend. He got on the ferry to cross over to the other side of the city when this friend text messaged him and said “Don’t come. There’s protesters here.” We had completely forgotten: It was Communist Day! All over our country (and a lot of other places), the world’s communists gather together to celebrate…. well, I don’t know what they celebrate. But, Communists here aren’t what you would typically think. They’re usually long-haired hippies instead of former Soviet-bloc bureaucrats. Anyway, how did the police handle the protests here? They made them all protest behind a 7 foot barricade. So, the protesters were all walled in. Out of sight of anyone else. There were apparently about 3,000 people behind that barricade. And, since the wall was so high, we’ll never know if they were recreating Les Mis, waxing potetic about Karl Marx, or comparing and contrasting Communism around the world.

In other news…. nope. I’ve thought a few minutes and I don’t have other news. Here is the reason why it’s a rule that you don’t post too often. You run out of important things to say. So, I’ll go stir the dinner on the stove and let you go on to the next blog you want to read. Then, go celebrate your Communist Day in the way you see fit. (No, Cliff… bringing a sickle and hammer to classes at Truett is not an option.)