Our apartment complex is 4 buildings with 18 apartments in each building. And, it's all owned by one family. Our particular building is occupied by this family. And, we're friends with this family. Well, I wanted them to meet my brother because:

a) They've been nice to us.

b) It shows them honor.

c) I think I'm still seeking their approval.

d) I don't think things through very carefully.

 So, what have I done? I have invited them all over for tea tonight. All. 5 apartments full of people plus one person's big sister and her family who live in another building….. Possibly 12 adults and 6 kids. In my house. And I don't have time to make all of the required desserts/snacks/munchies to go with a tea party of this magnitude. And I don't have time to impeccably clean my house because I teach English at the hotel today. And I'm beginning to think this was all just a big mistake.

So, on the menu: Brownies from a package, mixed nuts, chips in a bowl, and maybe (if they're lucky), a local pastry-thing.

 About box mixes: They exist over here, but are ridiculously expensive, so no one uses them. It's not like your 98 cent box of Betty Crocker that you peeps can get at Wal-Mart. But, whenever people come over or send us boxes, we have them send us package mixes. Some of our friends who live over here won't use those except for special times. They are hoarding them for the upcoming apocalypse or something. I use them to make my life easier. (Like tonight.) However, people usually ask me for the recipe for what I make. I don't like to tell them that I made it from a package, so I give them a recipe from my cookbook instead. I never tell them that the recipe I'm giving them matches what I've made, but I let them draw their own wrong conclusions. 

I did that a few weeks ago with a cake mix. The woman tried to make the cake and it didn't turn out like a Duncan Hinds Extra Butter Puddin'-in-the-mix Box Cake. She couldn't figure out what she did wrong. I just blamed it on the weather.

Aren't I bad?