Within hours of creating this site and making my first post, WordPress started having server troubles. It deleted my first post, removed my second (the one below), and deleted the third, fourth, and fifth that I wrote. (Don’t worry, they weren’t interesting. They all said something like “WHY ARE MY POSTS DISAPPEARING?!?” But, since you can’t read them, I’ll tell you that they were immeasurably humorous and you will have to believe me.) A lesser woman would decide that this means she should quit blogging. But, not I! I’ve come to believe that the whispering advances of crap I’ll say scared the WordPress server into submission. It crumbled under the upcoming load of thousands of people daily visiting The Blab!

Yeah, so the multiple comments that you people left because I begged you to has given me delusions of grandeur. I’m just hoping that people who came to read it during the time that all of my posts were nilly-willy wandering through the nether world will return. I also really hope that this post publishes.

But, enough of this metablogination…. (blogging about blogging, that is…..)

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, so I laid on the couch all day. I read some of my current book (Centennial by James A. Michener), watched one of my favorite movies (Persuasion), and watched some local tv. I was particularly amused by the news. I flipped through several stations, but the news was the same. I am impressed with the impartiality they have in journalism here. They give all stories equal weight, time, and drama. (What, did you think I meant impartiality of opinion?) For example, the bombing that took place in the largest city here had the same air time, same images of people crying and screaming, and the same overdramatic voice-overs as the girl in some podunk town whose new husband was in Germany and couldn’t come home, so they had a “groom-less” wedding. The only stories that get less attention are is the unrest that’s happening in the east of the country. (“And, by the way, dear viewers, there’s still unrest. Have a good night and tune in next time!”)

The best, however, was the local news. Basically, they have a few guys with cameras running around town. What they film shows up on the air. Top stories from yesterday:
1) There’s construction in one part of the city where they’re repairing a water pipe.
2) People had to wait in line at two banks today.
3) Some city organization put out an informational notebook for kids.
4) A small trash fire on the edge of town with no buildings or flammable materials anywhere nearby had two fire trucks respond and gave the firemen cause to act like Kurt Russell in “Backdraft.”

I never could understand what the informational notebook for kids was about, nor could I hear the interview with the garbagemen after the fire. They don’t use microphones. They just point the camera and hope it works. I really think that footage was shot using someone’s home video equipment.

It was funny and made me laugh. Then, my hubby started comparing it to my hometown news. That wasn’t funny. He made crack after crack. I think it’s to get even with me for comparing his hometown to the neighborhood on “The ‘Burbs” when we watched that Sunday night.

For all of you who are worrying right now because I said “bombings” and “unrest”…. don’t. Pray for the people involved and for peace and justice to come. That’s more important than getting worried about our safety.