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I usually don’t post quilt pictures until the recipient actually receives the quilt, but I’m making an exception here. Ashley and I have been trying to meet up to get this quilt into her hands for a month. Every time we both show up at the same place at the same time, I’ve forgotten the quilt. Every time I remember it, she isn’t able to come. Since I’ve accused her of avoiding me, I thought I’d show her the quilt and maybe she’d decide she wants it and we could actually meet. (Hah! Just giving you a hard time, Ashley!)

Anyway, here’s the car quilt I made for her sweet Connor. Most of the fabric is from the Wheels collection by Riley Blake. The solid is something from Hancocks — not Kona, but their other 100% cotton collection.

The pattern is an off-center block within a block. I thought it kept it playful added to the car chaos. I was not sure how to finish it off, but thanks to suggestions from my quilt guild (Unofficial Motto: We’re Waaay More Awesome than Your Grandma’s Sewing Circle) I got a red solid binding to pick up the red cars driving around the map print border.

The back can’t be just boring, right? So, I took strips of the remaining fabric and made some vertical stripes. The quilting is all in random, slightly off-center vertical stripes. I didn’t want it to be super straight because the blocks are all a bit turny and wonky.

Thanks to my fabulous neighbor Jay Way for holding up my quilts in the lovely breezeway of our apartment building. I think the electric meters make a lovely touch….

Attention Crafters: When a hot glue gun says High Temp, it’s freakin’ hot. Get a bit on your fingers and it will smart. Stick your hand in a molten glob and you’ll be blinded by 350 degree searing pain and will have to get the Boo Boo Bunny out of the freezer and constantly hold it on your charred flesh all night, effectively ending that night’s crafting session and any hope of blogging or typing with two hands.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Michael’s to buy a low temp glue gun.

Now, my lovelies, what have we learned from this…?

+ =

Whew! I am almost — but not quite — recovered from last week’s Craft Fair. Overall, it was a smashing success! I was definitely pleased with the results. I have another fair in about 3 weeks, so I’m taking a few days off and then it’s back to work. I will be selling my remaining inventory and also will be making more fabric flowers and wristlet keychains. These both sold like hot cakes! I have only 15 flowers and 8 keychains left. Not enough for an all-day craft fair like the next one.

Thanks to all of you who were so encouraging! And thanks to everyone who stopped by! But, the biggest thanks goes to Rebecca, my sales helper for the night. She said at the end that she nearly said she wouldn’t help because she’s not a good sales person. This is totally not true. She was hilarious! She would holler at people she knew and make them come over to see stuff. She would call friends on the phone and tell them to get up there. She even would tell people all kinds of stories to get them to buy things.

Pregnant lady: This is sugar scrub?

Rebecca: Yeah. It’s fabulous! And, if you rub it on your feet it improves circulation. Oh, and your husband just stopped by here. He said if you buy it he’ll rub it on your feet for you.

(That lady just laughed. She didn’t take the bait.)

Three Tween Girls: What’s this?

Rebecca: Free samples of sugar scrub. Rub it on your hands and then wash it off. It smells good and makes your hands soft.

Three Tween Girls: Ooh! And this one smells good!

Rebecca: Yeah, your moms were here a few minutes ago and they said this is what they want for Christmas.

One of the Tweens: (looking puzzled) You know my mom?


Rebecca’s got mad selling skillz.

You know back in college when you had to work a stinkin’ long time on a paper or project and you didn’t go to sleep until late but then you had to get up the next morning to go to the class where you had to turn it in so you drank a lot of coffee and then switched to Dr Pepper so you could make it through the morning without falling asleep and drooling on your Spanish textbook but that combined with the Snickers you had for breakfast and the cookies you had for a snack were making your stomach hurt and giving you the sugar shakes and you had a headache and you really needed to sleep but there were more projects you had to do so you’ll just have another coke….?

That’s about how I feel right now.

On the upside: Lots of cute tote bags done today! No pictures. Too tired. Too jittery to hold a camera. But they’re appliqued with fleur de lis and bird designs and they have lots of funky fabrics. Tablecloths made, flowers finished, and thanks to the fabulous Katie Hodas, lots of displays done. For all of you in the NOLA area, come on by the craft fair tomorrow night from 6 – 9. You can buy my stuff, help me achieve world domination, and see how I function on little sleep and lots of caffeine.

Crashing…. must sleep now…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After my post revealing my fabric flower pins, I’m sure you’re amazed that I brought out my strongest weapon first. After all, people searching for World Domination through Craft need to keep some tricks up their sleeve.

And, I have…. mwuah-hah-hah-hah!

First, for those who want something more delicate, I’ve got Organza Flowers:

Big ones on bobby pins! Huge ones as brooches! People will be confused about pronouncing brooch as Broach or Broooooch and will make me their leader!

But, for the non-flowery who are still immune…


Side note: What’s up with the name for these doo-dads? What is a fob, anyway? I know it’s supposed to be something foofy and dangly that hangs somewhere — like how early earrings were ear fobs. But that’s dumb. And this isn’t foofy or dangly. It’s a sturdy cotton webbing loop that is attached to your key chain. You slip it on your wrist and you’ll keep your keys handy even if your hands are full of grocery bags or small, screaming children. I got mine for Christmas last year from an Etsy shop and ADORE it. So, I learned to make them. And I think the name is stupid. So, we should rename them. Any suggestions? I like KEY HOLDERS THAT WILL KEEP YOU SANE, but that’s too long.

Lastly, I have one more dastardly trick up my sleeve and it involves free samples. Oh, yes… free samples!

The sugar scrubs are back — yessirree! Last year these were a big hit. I didn’t make as many jars this year because I didn’t have many jars left in stock. Since the hub graduates in May and there’s no guarantee I’ll do the craft year next year, I didn’t want to buy another case of jars to leave sitting in my teeny tiny laundry room. So, this is what I’ve got. Those who get there early will get them. The peeps who are late will just get any free samples left in the ugly jars that I’m not selling. :)

So, there you go. My plan for WORLD DOMINATION continues. I’m off now to sew up my table topper and maybe work on some tote bags. Then, it’s to bed!

Here’s some late-night quick-and-dirty photos of what I’ve been working on all day. And why I have burned fingers. (When the hot glue gun says high temp, they really mean high temp! I read on the package that those suckers get to 385 degrees! Yo!)

So, the annual craft fair here on the campus where the hubster goes to school is Thursday night. Each year, I have a booth. The first year was a miserable failure. For reals. But, a tremendous learning experience. So, last year (my 2nd year) I worked super hard and had a great booth with great results. This year, I am not content with great results… I am looking for WORLD DOMINATION.

And it will begin with fabulous rolled flowers.

Then, I’ll pull out a secret weapon….


That’s right…! They come in bunches! So, I’m not a frilly flower girl, but I’m loving these. (If I do say so myself…)

Now I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow is another big, long day of work on this stuff. See, in addition to these fabulous rolled roses, I’m making key fobs, sugar scrub, jewelry, organza flower hair pins, and tote bags. If I get enough junk done tomorrow I can sew up some more totes I have cut out. Whew!

If you’re local, come by my booth at the craft fair. It’s in the seminary’s student center from 6 – 9 Thursday night. Or, call my hubby and give him moral support. He’ll be at home with the children and the house that is covered in craft.


So, I’m one of the craft coordinators for my Mothers of Preschoolers group. But I didn’t like that name. So I renamed myself the Craft Diva.

I’m not exactly a diva. But I can aspire, right.

Last time we met I gave all of the women a rectangle of shrinky dink plastic. We embellished them and are going to make them into awesome key chains. I gave rather vague instructions at first because I assumed that every one of them had fond memories of shrinky dinking in their childhood.

I know I do.

In fact, if I was bored, my mom would pull out some random craft and let me go to town. I had more sets of colored cartoon character shrinky dinks than anyone else.

Even you, Miss KT-I-Made-a-Million-of-these-in-college.


Well, some of the girls were giving me strange looks and they asked some questions that made me realize that a tragedy had occurred. Out of the room of 30 peeps, only 4 or 5 of us knew what shrinky dinks were! THIS IS AWFUL! No, it’s not awful like real human rights tragedies or the fact that human traffiking is more active now than any other time in history. But, in the scope of small-things-that-don’t-really-matter-but-we-pretend-that-they-do, this is awful.

Which now begs the question: Do YOU know what shrinky dinks are?

Pictures of completed projects to come…..

First, let’s say our motto: “I can quit buying fabric any time. Really.”

Now, let’s hear a deal!

Ruby Jane’s Retro Fabrics has a deal where you get 40% off if you spend $25. (And that’s not hard for us, is it?) Well, they also have a deal where you get 20 fat quarters for $40. Add the 40% off and (if my math is correct… which I ain’t promising…) you’ll get a FQ for $1.50. She’s got some good dots, some Metro Market, and some other fun stuff. The coupon code you’ll need is C408.

If you get in trouble for spending money buying fabric, it ain’t my fault. But, if you give me a FQ of your fabric, I’ll take the fall for you.

Once again, let’s repeat our motto: “I can quit buying fabric any time. Really.”


P.S. I didn’t know that Ruby Jane’s existed when I named my shop Ruby’s Retro City. They’ve both got Ruby. They’ve both got Retro. But hers is new fabric (that looks vintage) and mine is vintage (that’s in like-new condition). Hope that clears everything up for you.

Lots of quilting has been going on around here! Here’s some pics….

This was the quilt I made for Britty’s new baby girl. The green & white polka dot was left over from a quilt I made Britty’s son Ebo. Ebo and Bean are going to get married. Because we want them to. (Yes, we are those dork parents who betroth their children before they are born. Deal with it.)

Guess who doesn’t care that this picture is turned sideways? Yup. Me. Because it’s late & I want to get off the computer and keep working on this doozy! It’s a quilt for Bean’s big girl bed. It’s a twin, but it’s actually a bit big for a twin so she can use it as a bedspread now and then use it for a quilt on a full bed later. I’ve never made one this big. Have I mentioned that it’s a doozy? The pattern wasn’t hard at all. (That’s not the doozy part.) But, the size makes it difficult to maneuver through my non-fancy-pants machine. Stil…. I’m diggin it.

And last…

Here’s the quilt I made for Jay Way’s new Sweetie Pie…. a precious bundle of love who is my newborn neighbor! Jay Way picked the pattern & the fabrics, so I can really only take credit for assembly. This made one HUGE baby blanket, but that’s actually what I like. If you have a teeny blanket you can only use it for so long. Bigger quilts last longer and are more useful (I think).

There’s a few more baby quilts I’ve finished, but I’m not showing them until the mail arrives at their door…. :) And, let me preemptively say: Sorry all you new babies! There’s too dang many of you! Not everyone is getting a mab-made Quilty. Why? Because it takes forever and also I already had something else in mind for some of you. So, no pouting. Then again, zoom in on the pictures and see how my corners don’t match up if it makes you feel better. :)

I know some of you are thinking that quilting is a super-hard skill. Nope. Sure, there’s some tough techniques for the more advanced quilter out there. But, get an easy pattern (tons can be found online for free!) and some pretty fabric and absolutely anyone can make a quilt. I made my first one about 2 1/2 years ago and taught myself through the internet, some conversations with friends, and a lot of guessing. You can totally do it, too. If you want any hints or help getting started (from a fellow beginner!) leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll direct you to the right place.

Quilting plug over. Now, I get to go finish Beanie’s project.

I’m a barefooter. When I was a teacher, I kicked off my shoes and ran around in my socks most of the time. (Not barefoot…. it was a 2nd grade classroom. They’re cute, but do you know how gross those kids are? I was NOT stepping on any mystery items in that room.) Now, I leave my shoes by the door. So, I always have a few pairs of houseshoes around.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the girls’ closet. Old clothes into boxes, new clothes sorted. Old shoes out, new sizes in. Well, Peanut has a bunch of hand-me-downs from Beanie that she can now wear. Including a pair of house shoes. I gave them to her and she put them on. Bean got upset and wanted to know where hers were. “You’re too big for those now,” I said. She was upset and I promised to look for some at the store. “When?” she asked. (Patience is still being learned around here…) I knew that it would be next to impossible to find little girl house shoes in June in New Orleans (summer motto: It’s Hotter Than a Fish Fry!), so I asked if she wanted me to make her a pair. She nodded happily.

So, after they went to bed and we cleaned up the kitchen, I set to work finding a pattern. Then, I found some scraps of fabric and went to work.

The first pair was so wretched that I threw it into the scrap bin. Wretched, I tell you. It’s a good thing my camera battery is dead and I can’t take any pictures or you’d run away from this blog screaming.

So, although it was almost midnight, I started over. I had promised my precious girl some slippers! I was going to deliver! I dug out more fabric and went to work. The result was great! I was so pleased! I snuck into her room and put them down by her bed so she’d find them in the morning. And, even though it was almost 1:30 in the morning by this time (yes, the slippers gave me 1 1/2 hours of grief), I went to bed knowing that I had done something that my precious, wonderful, sweet, lovely, delightful daughter would love.

Um… yeah.

She tried them on, declared that they weren’t right, and threw them aside. Sigh.

Later that day, I showed her how to slip them on and keep them on and she wore them around for approximately 15 minutes before she had an accident and peed all over them. Sigh.

They are now in the washing machine.

Well, at least I got a good afternoon nap.

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